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We wanted our new addition to have well insulated concrete walls and floors. Pacific ICF did a great job with the installation of our Eco- Block foundation walls, and the Bailey concrete floor with radiant heat built right in! We wish that we would have gone right up to the roof with the ICF’s!

Martenhaller Residence., Maple Ridge

Pacific ICF were recommended to us to help with our self directed residential project, which included an ICF foundation, and a series of conventionally formed retaining walls, for our new home in Burnaby. We enjoyed working with Michael and his crews. Moved into our fabulous new place this Jan 2013.

Martin Guy, Burnaby

We had a unique situation for our project on the island, as we had purchased an existing structure and were having it moved from the mainland by barge. Pacific ICF had to come in after the move, and with the structure suspended above them, construct and energy efficient and cost effective foundation for the home to be lowered onto. They were able to do it all on schedule, despite several challenges, and we are very pleased with the results.

Bill McCance, Mayne Island

I wanted to build the first ever all concrete home in Burnaby. Pacific ICF was our first choice in Green Builders to help us construct our energy efficient, sustainable and modern looking dream home. Not a stick of lumber in the entire place!

Jim Fitzsimmons, Burnaby

We wanted a uniquely built, energy efficient and durable structure for our new garage and living suite structure. Pacific ICF was helpful in recommending and installing the right “green building systems” for our project. All concrete Logix ICF walls, along with an Insuldek suspended and heated concrete slab on the main floor, provided the solutions for our specific building requirements.

Lorne Esselink, Princeton

As a builder, it’s imperitive that we stay on schedule with our projects. Pacific ICF was able to build the foundation and main floor walls quickly and efficiently, using Logix insulated Concrete Forms. Once the concrete was in the walls, we were ready to save several steps, and proceed directly to finishing the home for our client.

Jim Vance, West Vancouver

We’ve known about the benefits of ICF construction for years. Sustainability and energy efficiency was an important feature to have in our new Okanagan home, as the daily temperatures can vary by more than +/- 15 degrees on the same day! Pacific ICF did a wonderful job supplying and installing the Logix ICF walls, along with the Hambro suspended concrete slab floor. We were so pleased with the work they did for the price they quoted, that we decided to go right up to the roof with the ICF walls.Can’t wait to finish the main floor this spring, and then move into our new place!

Keith Lawson, Merritt