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Green Building Systems

These come directly from the various Building Smart Seminars that the Homeowners Protection Office (HPO) has been successfully presenting in BC since 2004. According to the HPO, ICF’s offer the following solutions to both builders and end users alike:

  • ICF’s address moisture problems in foundations and above grade construction.
  • ICF’s are a recognized building envelope system by the HPO.
  • ICF’s are addressed in Part 9 of the 2006 BC Building Code, detailing prescriptive method for ICF construction in BC
        • Building Smart Seminars focus on the use of ICF’s in residential construction in BC.
        • ICF’s address the issue of air-tightness in residential construction.
        • HPO recognize ICF’s as one of BC’s emerging “Green Building” technologies.
        • ICF’s address the new insulation requirements as per the BC Building Code.
        • ICF’s provide solutions for the new seismic and envelope requirements listed in the 2012 BC Building Code.
        • ICF’s will be in the spotlight again this fall, when the Green Building Seminar series will include ICF’s in their “Homes for Life” segment, targeting builders and new home owners

Logix brand of ICF acknowledges a 5% premium for using ICF over conventional construction methods. Logix then shows how this same structure goes on to save the owner/builder money through reduced construction schedules, providing “all in one” solutions to current and upcoming BC Building Code requirements, further savings through reduced operating (heating/cooling) and insurance costs, and providing a superior sustainable LEEDS structure which will out perform a conventionally built structure on many levels, and hold greater value in comparison. The 5% finds it’s way back to the owner within the first 2 to 3 years after completion!

In short, ICF technologies are quickly becoming the “go to” solution for builders and owners, as they offer many of the benefits which I’ve listed in this email, and more. In an effort to bridge the gap between the industry and the end users, Pacific ICF Corporation offers many services which include:

  • ICF material and accessory supply at contractor price points.
  • Providing on site technical support as needed.
  • Training builders, engineers, architects and designers to help them incorporate the use of ICF’s in their projects.
  • ICF installation services